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What is youSave?

A new voluntary saving scheme designed especially for the self-employed and is different to the traditional NPF accounts where employers make contributions. For more information please visit http://www.sinpf.org.sb/jdownloads/youSave/NPF youSave Brochure final 201806.pdf

What is youSave LoMobile?

youSave Lomobile is a service provided by SINPF youSave which enables youSavers to make deposits to their youSave accounts using top-up (airtime Credit) without having to physically visit SINPF offices to make deposits. Download the youSave Lomobile brochure to know more: http://www.sinpf.org.sb/jdownloads/youSave/NPF youSave loMobile Brochure 201909.pdf

How Can I register for youSave LoMobile?

If you’re a current youSave customer with a mobile phone number (Telekom or Bmobile), visit your nearest SINPF offices to register and activate your phone number. A guide on how to use the service will also be given to you. Alternatively, you can also free call the youSave Customer service center on 673 for more info.

Which types of phones do I need to have in order to register for this service?

You can register for the service whether you have a Button phone (Simple feature phone) or Touch screen phone (Smart feature phone).

Do I need internet connection for this service?

To access youSave LoMobile, you don’t need to have an internet connection. You only need GSM network connection (2G, 3G or 4G) which is shown by the number of bars on your phone’s network signal.

Is it accessible in the rural and remote areas?

If your area has a mobile network connection from Telekom or Bmobile network towers, you can access the service or do deposits from your phone to your youSave account anytime and anywhere.

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